artificial insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) in animals importance

Artificial Insemination Process (AI Process)

Artificial insemination process (AI process), as the name implies, is a procedure in which, for the purpose of reproduction, sperm is obtained from the male/bulls, processed, deposited and manually inserted into the female reproductive tract at the appropriate time.As semen from genetically superior sires/males are preferably used to artificially inseminate female animals, AI has become one of the most imperative techniques for genetic improvement of farm animals.

Artificial Insemination in cattle in India has become more popular now a days, and also there exist the different methods of artificial insemination in cattle in India which we will discuss now.

And there is also different steps of artificial insemination in cattle , about which we will discuss also.

It is most commonly used in the raising of dairy cattle and buffaloes. AI is the instrument that has the potential for the economic and rapid distribution of elite males over a wide geographical region to a large number of females in a short period of time.

Artificial  Insemination process uses a lot of artificial insemination tools , if you want to learn more about these tools than can see here  AI Kits used in AI processes.

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Advantage of artificial insemination(AI) in animals:-

There is the following benefits of artificial insemination over natural services :-

  • Boosts efficiency of bull usage
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Checks disease transmission:
  • Promotes Breeding Efficiency etc.


Animals Semen collection methods and evaluation process in artificial insemination process

Various methods of collection of semen have been devised from time to time. The older unsatisfactory methods have been gradually replaced by the new modern techniques.There are three common methods of animal’s semen’s collection in artificial insemination process :-

  • Use of artificial vagina
  • By Electro-stimulation method
  • By massaging the ampulae of the ductus differences through rectal wall.

There are some special tools (AI Kit) which are required in these artificial insemination process (AI process), and also the link where you can purchase these items:-


AI GUN(Artificial Insemination Gun):-

artificial insemination gun
arftificial insemination gun

Artificial insemination gun (AI Gun)is typically used for animals, especially bovines, in the breeding and reproductive process.

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AI Sheaths(Artificial Insemination Sheaths) : -

Bovine AI Sheath
AI Sheaths

This is typically used for animals, especially bovines, in the breeding and reproductive process.

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Semens in Artificial Insemination : -

frozen animal semens
Frozen Animal Semens

The semen is inseminated into the female by placing a portion of it either in a collected or diluted form into the cervix or uterus by mechanical methods at the proper time and under most hygienic conditions.

Where you can buy frozen animal semen’s in India ?

Different type of frozen animals semen’s which veterinary doctor uses while artificial insemination.

Liquid nitrogen container in AI :-

liquid nitrogen container
Liquid Nitrogen Container

Liquid nitrogen container is double layered vessel. the inner chamber is suspended in the outer chamber through neck tube which is non-metal and a bad conductor of heat.

Why liquid nitrogen container is important ?

Different size and models of liquid nitrogen .

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cryoseal liquid nitrogen container

Why Liquid Nitrogen Container Is Important ?

What is liquid nitrogen container ?

These liquid nitrogen containers are double-walled vessels with evacuated and sealed annular space.

Furthermore, several types of insulation, viz. As thermal insulators, vacuum alone, expanded rubber, gas filled powder and fibrous material, evacuated powder, or evacuated super insulation are used.

The outer walls of containers are made of stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium alloys as you can see here.

Liquid nitrogen (-196°C to -210°C) used for  Biologic, microbial, and medical collections  (-196°C to -210°C) using liquid nitrogen storage equipment(eg – Cryocan Liquid nitrogen container , cryogem liquid nitrogen container , Inox liquid nitrogen container).

In Liquid nitrogen container cryogenic tubes are used to store the samples, which are then packed in boxes. The boxes are then put in racks and stored in cryogenic storage systems.Cryogenic laboratory mills crush liquid nitrogen-chilled samples. For automated sample monitoring during liquid nitrogen storage, 2D bar – coded tubing and containers are used. Liquid nitrogen storage and transportation vessels are also available.

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Liquid nitrogen container in India

There are several liquid nitrogen container manufacturers on the market, but INOXCVA is one of the most well-known and trusted names when it comes to Liquid Nitrogen Containers.

Let’s go through  some top manufacturers of liquid nitrogen container :-
INOXCVA Liquid Nitrogen Container :-

(Cryoseal liquid  Nitrogen Container)

inox container

INOXCVA offers one of the world’s leading and most trusted options when it comes to Liquid Nitrogen containers Thanks to INOXVA for over 2 decades of experience and more than 200,000 shipping containers that have been delivered to more than 25 countries worldwide, they are able to offer Liquid Dewars that can store temperature-sensitive samples. With this procedure, there is a 100% guarantee of the integrity of samples in the repository.

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CRYOCAN Liquid Nitrogen Container(IOCL):-

cryocan liquid nitrogen container

Non-pressurized aluminium container with double walls for liquid nitrogen storage. Cryocans are primarily used to store bull sperm in liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures (-196 °C). A smaller percentage of the cow’s sperm is taken and kept in frozen for field use, and the better breed of cows results are obtained.

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cryogem liquid nitrogen container

There is a lot of another manufacturer of liquid nitrogen container in india eg – cryogem liquid nitrogen container , about which we will discuss later.

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Key features of liquid nitrogen container :-

  • Double-wall vacuum and super insulation for long-placed nitrogen allows for liquid nitrogen to be held in the long term.
  • Using freezing temperatures to extend the life of biological samples
  • Liquid nitrogen containers are convenient and they have a long-lasting service life.
  • Durable, rigorous, effective, efficient and economical operation with a longer life.
  • Aluminium alloy has lightness on one side and strength on the other side.
  • Various storage boxes, both cardboard and plastic, are provided to store the vials in for convenience.
  • The Dry Shipper is intended for the storage of biological samples in the vapour phase at an ultra-low temperature of (-) 150 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
So finally let’s see why liquid nitrogen  is important ?
liquid nitrogen-upadi
liquid nitrogen-upadi

Liquid Nitrogen Containers  are widely used in Animal husbandry due to liquid nitrogen which it  contains inside.

Liquid nitrogen  are widely used in:-

  • The cryopreservation of biological samples, such as sperm, eggs, and animal genetic samples
  • Use as a coolant for superconductors, vacuum pumps, and other materials and equipment
  • The branding of cattle
  • A source of extremely dry nitrogen.
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