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Following are the brands we work with for affordable and quality cow mats with best prices:

  • MRF Cow Mat
  • Hariyana Shakti Cow Mat 
  • Jindal  Cow Mat

Cow Mats – The Ultimate Comfort Solution for Your Cows

  • Give your cows a soft and cushioned surface to lie on with cow mats
  • Improve the health, productivity and welfare of your cows with cow mats
  • Save money and time on bedding materials, labor costs and veterinary bills with cow mats
  • Choose from different patterns, thicknesses and sizes of cow mats to suit your needs
  • Order your cow mats today and enjoy the benefits of cow comfort

Cow mats are rubber mats that provide a soft and cushioned surface for your cows to lie on. They are easy to install, clean and maintain, and they fit any size and shape of stall.

Cow mats have many benefits for your cows and your dairy farm. They help prevent slippage, reduce stress on joints and hooves, prevent injuries and infections, increase blood supply to teats and udder, increase milk yield and quality, and improve cow comfort and hygiene.

We offer you the best quality cow mat roll at the most affordable prices. Our cow mats are made of natural rubber that is durable, resilient and eco-friendly. Our cow mats come in different patterns, thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs. Our cow mats are specially designed to reduce slippage in a dairy. They are ideal for use on slopes, in crossovers, or anywhere else that there is a high risk of cow slippage. They provide traction and comfort in crossovers, holding areas, milking areas, alley ways, or exit lanes.

Our cow mats are also sized between 4ft-4.5ft wide x 7ft-7.5ft long, which is the ideal size for adult dairy cows. They are not too small to cause discomfort or too large to waste space. They are easy to cut and fit into any stall shape.

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